Always on top of the market and European tendering regulations

The municipality of Rotterdam sets high standards for the quality of its vendors when it comes to sustainability and social return. For the supply of electricity and natural gas this means striking the right balance between what we want and what energy suppliers can offer. With its knowledge of both the energy markets and tendering legislation, Climex has been one of the most important factors behind the success of our tendering procedures.

The municipality of Rotterdam uses approximately 100 GWh of electricity and 10 million cubic metres of natural gas per year. Climex gave us valuable advice and support in writing our tendering procedures and supporting documentation. Time and again they proved to be an effective partner for formulating conditions and answering questions. The Climex online auction enabled us to complete this tendering procedure efficiently and on time. The auction created a level playing field for all vendors, which gave us the outcome we were looking for.

When it came to increasing the sustainability of our energy use, we also came to Climex because we know they are an expert advisor for innovative but feasible solutions and have a strong vendor network.

Peter Steenhuis, Contract Manager for the Administrative and Group Support Cluster, Municipality of Rotterdam