What results do we deliver and how do we deliver them? We prefer to let our clients tell you:

A professional partner with a strong vision of the transition of the energy landscape

Accenture worked closely with Climex on a study of the changing energy landscape of the Netherlands. In Climex Accenture found a partner with comprehensive knowledge of the energy market, especially the habits of large-scale energy consumers. Together with Climex we have published a report of the results of this study.

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A unique auction platform in keeping with the philosophy of European tendering procedures

The Dutch national government uses a range of Climex services. They provide the only auction platform for this domain, and it is completely in keeping with the philosophy of the European tendering procedure. Climex has specialised knowledge of the energy market and knows exactly how to connect our needs to what today’s market has to offer. We also see that in recent years Climex has developed a strong vision of the energy landscape of the future and a clear perspective on the dynamics of today’s energy market.

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Energy sustainability goals soundly exceeded on schedule and under budget

Dutch Telecommunications company KPN is achieving ambitious targets in the area of corporate social responsibility. But we’re equally ambitious on our energy goals: 100% of our total energy consumption is sustainably generated. And we outsourced the procurement of a lot of our sustainable energy to Climex.

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Always on top of the market and European tendering regulations

The municipality of Rotterdam sets high standards for the quality of its vendors when it comes to sustainability and social return. For the supply of electricity and natural gas this means striking the right balance between what we want and what energy suppliers can offer. With its knowledge of both the energy markets and tendering legislation, Climex has been one of the most important factors behind the success of our tendering procedures.

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Access to global market through multiple distribution channels

From the earliest days of the CO2 market, Vattenfall has known Climex as an organisation that puts supply and demand together efficiently and effectively. They have a unique online auction platform that can handle purchase and sale of large volumes of certificates. That’s the solution we need for a market with fairly low price transparency and liquidity. In addition to the technology, Climex gives you a clear set of ground rules and an efficient solution for completing transactions.

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