The Netherlands needs new business models in energy transition

Although the Netherlands has not been a leader within Europe in increasing the sustainability of its energy landscape, a joint study by Climex and Accenture has shown that our large-scale energy consumers are among the most sustainable in Europe.

The report of this study, “How large energy consumers can power the Energy Transition” is now available.


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The social impact of sustainable natural gas

Climex is seeing increasing demand for “sustainable natural gas”. The reality is, however, that the availability of sustainably generated natural gas is extremely limited and its price is correspondingly high. Additionally, there is a lot of misunderstanding about the product.

One potential interesting alternative is compensating the CO2 emissions from combustion of natural gas by supporting CO2 emissions reduction projects in developing countries.

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Dutch renewable power remains scarce

Renewable power generated in the Netherlands remains a scarce commodity, but Climex is seeing the demand for Guarantees of Origin (GOs) from Dutch facilities steadily increase. These certificates are a mechanism that private and public-sector parties use to support Dutch sustainable energy projects. But the supply of Dutch GOs is limited and there is very little transparency in terms of their price and availability.

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Klimaattop Parijs markeert omslagpunt

De klimaattop in Parijs in de laatste maand van 2015 heeft geleid tot duidelijk afspraken om de opwarming van de aarde te beperken. Het akkoord, waarover meer dan 190 landen in totaal vier jaar hebben onderhandeld, markeert een omslagpunt in de energiesector.

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