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Although the Netherlands has not been a leader within Europe in increasing the sustainability of its energy landscape, a joint study by Climex and Accenture has shown that our large-scale energy consumers are among the most sustainable in Europe.

The report of this study, “How large energy consumers can power the Energy Transition” is now available.


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Climex is seeing increasing demand for “sustainable natural gas”. The reality is, however, that the availability of sustainably generated natural gas is extremely limited and its price is correspondingly high. Additionally, there is a lot of misunderstanding about the product.

One potential interesting alternative is compensating the CO2 emissions from combustion of natural gas by supporting CO2 emissions reduction projects in developing countries.

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A professional partner with a strong vision of the transition of the energy landscape

Accenture worked closely with Climex on a study of the changing energy landscape of the Netherlands. In Climex Accenture found a partner with comprehensive knowledge of the energy market, especially the habits of large-scale energy consumers. Together with Climex we have published a report of the results of this study.

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