A unique auction platform in keeping with the philosophy of European tendering procedures

The Dutch national government uses a range of Climex services. They provide the only auction platform for this domain, and it is completely in keeping with the philosophy of the European tendering procedure. Climex has specialised knowledge of the energy market and knows exactly how to connect our needs to what today’s market has to offer. We also see that in recent years Climex has developed a strong vision of the energy landscape of the future and a clear perspective on the dynamics of today‚Äôs energy market.

For the Dutch national government Climex has supported a number of European tendering procedures for electricity and gas supply contracts. Climex has more than proven itself in each case, not only with its material advising during the tendering process, but also with the added value of its online auction platform. Climex is also helping us achieve our sustainability goals and supporting us in our efforts to upgrade our energy policy and bring it into the future.

Piet Glas, Category Manager for Energy, Dutch national government