Everyone on our team is defined by professionalism, drive and reliability. The combination of our unique strategic and creative capacities with our specialised knowledge is our guarantee for the success of all our clients’ projects.

Jeroen van de Kletersteeg



General Manager

Jeroen has been general manager of Climex since 2011, and owner since April 2014. His tenure has been defined by genuine leadership, innovation and dedication to the customer.

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René Pelk

EW-040912-Climex-156-4Senior Sales & Trading

René began at Climex in 2009, and today is responsible for the sales and trading activities for emissions certificates and guarantees of origin.

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Tjeerd-Hendrik Kuiper

BJAJ20130403-4503-5Senior Energy Consultant

Tjeerd has worked for Climex since 2012 and has handled major European tendering procedures for contracting with new energy suppliers. Tjeerd also develops tools for efficient energy management, invoice control and other energy management-related activities.

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